Motivated ?

Motivation your why?
Why Why Why
Why do some people instantly get up and going and why does other take a lot more when it comes to their body?
That’s the question that wants a answer and really needs an answer to help a lot of people number one factor seems to be priorities .Think about it do you have to think about why should my teeth be brushed why should i eat food ? Because you need to but why do you need to do those basic things to satisfy a need and why do you need to do that? Because you need to since the pain of not doing it is more than the pain of not doing it in that moment and you future predication if you don’t.
Now without going to deep into the mind you need to look at your needs and compare them is the need to do this more important than another need you might think is important that is in the front of your mind at the moment .Like the thought of i need to be skinny or i need to lose weight but when the good smell in that bakery that you walk past .Starts to get to you what becomes the bigger need the flavour of that bit of food or the future need of weight loss or being skinny again ?
The pleasure of a meal of food is instant it does not take time for your brain to receive the pleasure of eating something .But the pleasure of being healthy or skinny is far away in comparison so it’s simple to get this pleasure now and leave that other pleasure for later now .A dangerous problem to have most people will suffer from this cycle at some stage of their life .What will it take to make the change some people sadly it will take a heart attack some people it will take less a health scare .What will be more painful this is the question you have to answer honestly to yourself will it be having a larger tummy will it be a medical condition. Until you can reach that stage you can throw 100 external motivators and nothing will be long term .It could be to impress someone it could be for a holiday it could be for this or for that .Nothing will stay unless you have more pleasure in sticking to your change compared to the pain of avoiding the little temporary pleasures.
You might be stuck in a pattern of some sort that needs to be broken you have to do it or your body could do it or a professional could help you do it .Unless you change your mind at a deep enough level and replace the pattern with something new you risk temp success and then going right back to the old problem. Then you need daily practice of this change to make it lasting there is no do it once and its fixed it takes daily practice .Unless the person takes a regular action no real habit or change will be there for the long term. Actions show priorities more action more focus more results don’t just think you’re doing better do something physically daily to ensure it.

Thats my why why why

View of health on a cruise ship

View of health from a cruise ship
From spending years of doing one on one health consulting and educational seminars on a cruise ship having thousands of people every single week come on board from every area of the world .You learn more about the mind/mentality of a individual more than anything from what a person thinks healthy is to a person looking like a walking heart attack and not caring about it at all. First it’s very important to get a clear picture about what you see epically if you have never been on a cruise ship.
Day one
Embarkation day the last guests leave and the new ones come on board my job on the ship would be standing in front of the gym to socialise with people excite them about the gym and excite them even more about the educational seminars and body testing we do .Some people want to look some people don’t even want to step foot in the place clearly .Some will say it’s my vacation ill eat whatever i want some will actually use the cruise as a kick start to get back on track with their body and health. No matter how passionate you are you can only help those that want it and be there if they decide to do something .But that still means you have to be passionate enough to motivate those that want it to do it now with you and make those changes .
What do you see on the ship?
Well you do see allot of overweight massively unhealthy people all of the time that can’t for their own health afford to put any weight on gorging them self’s on food they should not be touching in quantities that no one should eat .You will even have a few clearly overweight and unhealthy people come up and talk to you as the personal trainer about all the unhealthy people on the ship. You meet smart individuals that are trying to do something after they have been put on 3 or 5 medications or have 2 life treating medical conditions. That are coming to you for help of any sort sadly some people will put priority to building their stomach and some will set off on the journey of trying to fix it.
Some problems you hear about
Husband trying to fix the wife or wife trying to fix the husband
Some couples one will be healthy and the other the exact other side of healthy and happy about it and one of them will come to you about helping the other .Now what can you do about it if the other individual does not care and is not concerned about it ?. Sometimes the other person will be concerned enough to lie to the other one to get them help of some sort .Sometimes they will have a argument in front of you about it sometimes one will be so against it they walk out of a privet consultation about it . Moral of the story is you can’t help unless they want help or are open to it you might find the right way into what they need to be motivated to change or you might not .
Money over health
I personally find it ridiculous that people put a cap on their spending on their health because of course you have only one body to look after no replacements or second chances .But some will find a 20$ a month membership to be too much to spend on looking after their body. Action is the only thing that shows true motivation for change and some people will need to invest more money into that action for more accountability for results. Of course there needs to be allot of internal factors for the long term results sadly though some will expect it for free .I don’t know what reality some people live in expecting that free things are great .Free health care for example most people really are so delusional that they don’t understand they pay for that free health care every day and truly its shit in most cases .I would expect to pay a fee for a true professionals advice and I would expect to give nothing for nothing.
Sadly this is a picture that was seen most weeks driving along to the buffet line in a mobility scooter then this person would stand up to dish their food sit back down and go further .This really made me think at what stage does the brain tell you enough is enough we have to do something about this .Now don’t get me wrong I understand there can be some medical condition making it challenging to lose weight or that person maybe lose 10 kg recently and could be on the right path .I still don’t judge the individual but seeing this picture so often makes you think when is there enough pain to make a change or in some cases does the pain make it easier to stay that way .
The stories
You hear a lot of the pain stories being a personal trainer even me working on a cruise ship people would regularly tell me there pain stories. Every week you would meet people telling u i did everything nothing can help me anymore that it’s in my family .That its someone else’s fault that’s why I’m stuck this way my dad had this disease and that’s why this happened to me. Sadly some people use this story to get sympathy from another person so you know it’s not my fault. Some people even looked happier telling me their pain story compared to socially just talking. Sadly some people will take this story to the grave with them because they can’t except that it’s their fault. Genetics don’t determine the future actively if the individual put their body and health as a priority they could make the best of their situation and the best of their genetics

The list goes on and on and on

Barcelona and health

Now so far its 2 and a half weeks that i have spent travelling around Barcelona and the one thing that you can clearly notice is the number of overweight or obese individuals is significantly less then allot of other countries. For a person that does care about their health they could find it quite interesting taking a trip to Barcelona .Healthy looking but at what cost is another question what is causing this to happen diet ? exercise? or?

First thing that you can clearly see being here that well through my eyes at least there are not a lot of gyms around the area compared to other larger cities like in Australia or America .But there are a lot of running groups and bike paths along the side of every road. You alot notice all of these bike rental shops and bcn bike rental a large chain of bike pit stops the bikes sit there u use mobile data on your phones to unlock the bike. Also there are options on most of the attractions that you go to in Barcelona to take a active or not so active option for example the montjuic castle on the hill at the shipping port of Barcelona has a cable car to it or a clearly marked walking path to the castle. Also even though i have a membership to snap fitness a worldwide 24hour chain of gyms i never really saw a large group of people using the gym .The largest group was on playa de la barceloneta there is an outdoor body weight gym there right on the beach for people to use .

So even though there is gyms located in a through Barcelona they are not as clearly marked and visible as gyms in other major cities around the world .Barcelona has created plenty of other options for people to get fit and stay fit in the city. Then the food the classic Mediterranean that alot of people talk about well well first the big option you see everywhere for a euro or a euro fifty .Is a coffee and a croissant second is a paella then tapas. You see instantly that the portions of food are a lot smaller than most countries to start with tapas is small portioned food with a toothpick through it for u to pick it up with most meals you will get 3-5 of them with a drink .Paella is the second interesting thing you see most menus will list this as for 2 people or 3 people on the menu as something to share alot of places still offer 1 person portions alot but most common listing is shared. Now you have the coffee and croissant very cheap and caffeine can suppress the hunger for a period of time also even though the croissant is defiantly a higher calorie option you notice some people that would be their whole breakfast.

So really personally i don’t notice much of the Mediterranean type diet going on here in Barcelona with the city being surrounded by the beach you clearly notice the tanned look of alot of the locals young and old living in Barcelona. This to me at least contributes to the why the locals of Barcelona have a healthier look compared to alot of other counties. But from staying here so far for two and a half weeks here are a few things to remember when coming to Barcelona when thinking about food and exercise.

  1. Near the city centre la rambla is really were you want to stay sure the cost of accommodation in higher near the city .But this is big if you don’t adjust to the heat so well Barcelona is very hot and very humid alot of the time this will cause some people to spend alot less time moving .
  2. Get up early if you like to work out outside 6 am just before sunrise Barcelona like most of Europe has very long days with the sun set after 10pm .Get up early mid day heat can make it a real challenge to train with the weather being like that
  3. Gym membership from home snap fitness for example has 4 locations in Barcelona at 40 euros a month that’s a great deal compared to any daily or weekly pass in Barcelona .Ranging from 10 euros a day to 30 euros a week pass have a membership at home that can be used here in Barcelona .
  4. Relax remember the food in Barcelona is amazing allow yourself to be relaxed if you here for a few weeks that does not mean gain 2 kg. The more you see on your trip by foot the better it is to find local hidden food places that you might miss driving through the city . Explore by foot and get amerced in the culture of Barcelona

Confused body part 2


Now that your measuring more than one area for results next is the motivation allot of the time when weight loss is not happening any more we get de motivated about it. Even though you might have already lost 20 pounds of body fat and now you have maintained it for 3 months .Taking a look at motivation and goals now we go back to the story of sally to see what she does next.

Now that sally has been measuring more than just weight she has noticed allot of other things changing but she is still not really happy because the scale is not changing still. Sally has achieved weight loss and now has not gained any weight but she has maintained the weight loss for 3 months. Sally has made countless efforts to change her lifestyle further to break the plato but has not been successful.

Sally is one of the people that lose weight and then when that weight stops she is unhappy because there is still more weight to lose .Even though she is making progress by getting stronger lifting more weight she can now do a extra 5 push up’s and she can now run for 10 mins compared to 5 mins.

When it comes into your body you will always have a set point unless we put you into a cage and fed you certain foods and made sure you got the certain amount of exercise there is countless factors that could affect you scale weight. Even from morning to evening numbers can be affected on the scale so seeing progress is always a good external motivator.

Sadly more people overestimate their monthly and weekly weight loss but underestimate their yearly weight loss. When it comes down to motivation it comes down to priorities like it or not if you have not made the goal that your wanting a real priority .Then you will not achieve it your actions that your taking on a daily basis determine your priorities and that is the scale of your true motivation .For example watching tv if this is happening for 7 hours per week and you are studying for a test or exam this would show it’s not a true priority if the studies are equal to that.

Now here are some extra things to check on to help with your motivation

  1. Are you enjoying the process alot of people try to achieve there health and fitness goals by doing things that don’t excite them. You should be finding ways to enjoy the process of achieveing your goal maybe you love the outdoors and you have a gym membership for some reason .{ For example hopping on a treatmill with a face like im going to kill someone}


  1. On a scale of 1-10 how important is the goal for you be honest to yourself write it down then ask the question if it’s not a 10 what would it take to get to a 10 .{ sadly some people have told me that it would take a medical condition to get to a 10 .If you are in that situation start looking at another goal maybe its completing a 5km charity run or walk with friends or playing 18 holes of golf .By completing this you could also achieve the weight loss as a byproduct of the golf.}


  1. Accountability who is there to help keep you motivated or on track have you made other people close ones and loved ones aware of your goals? If alot of your environment the people you are around on a regular basis do not care about weight loss or health and you can’t switch them out for people who are .Then social media today is full of people that are health and fitness fanatics that will help to keep you accountable .Just look through different groups on face book and see what you feel comfortable with and start posting questions photos or what you feel comfortable with .You might never meet some of these people but knowing that you have made other people aware of what your trying to do can help out .


  1. Write down you health or fitness goals on a daily basis sometimes they might change one day you might be feeling like you’re going to run 10 km and another day you might feel like eating everything in sight .Review this on a daily basis you should be able to commit to writing something down on a daily basis if you are committing to lifestyle changes. You can then look back and review how you had been feeling


The Confused Body

Why is there more gyms than ever before more diets than ever before and still obesity and weight problems still existing today.
Hi my name is levon callinan international personal trainer from new Zealand [Why international because for the last 4 years i was in charge of the fitness facility’s on 5 and 6 star cruise ships from around the world ]
The problem today is most people have what i call a confused body and a confused mind there is so much out there to try if you goggle diet there are 687 million results. Now what one do i try do i listen to my fit looking friend do i hire a personal trainer do i do i do i .The health and fitness industry today makes it harder for you to pick what is right do i trust the person with the phd do i trust the person i know what do you need to do for results?
Before you even get into what is the right method for results lets define that because results might not come in the shapes and sizes you really want.
A thing that is caused or produced by something else; a consequence or outcome.
So let me give you a example
Here is sally she goes to the gym 6 days a week and her results that she is wanting to achieve is 10 kilograms of weight loss because she was much happier and self confident then .So sally started her weight loss journey 4 months ago she signed up for the gym and is really motivated to get the weight off .In the first 3 months sally loses 5kg and then in month 4 she gains half a kilogram back so sally then says . I need to go to the gym more so now sally starts going to classes also and goes to the gym every day of the week. Then sally gains another half a kilogram what’s now gone wrong sally she asks her body because i am eating healthy and working out like crazy why am is this happening.
Sally then gets de motivated and starts going to the gym less because she is not seeing the results she wants to see anymore.
Sounds familiar i bet you either know someone going through sally’s situation or you are sally now let’s look at the real picture here. Sally wanted to see the scale change and she did see it changed but then the scale stopped and she lost her motivation .The scale is the easiest way to measure a result does not require effort and they are everywhere. But what’s the real problem in this situation why does it not help to only want one result?
You need to measure multiple points of your body some people could have improved their resting heart rate and improved their blood pressure. But nothing changed on the scale that month there could be a improvement on your 500m row or you can do a extra push up. But sally in this case had no idea about that .Without going into the complexities that could affect your scale weight from week to week or even month to month .I have included a list of things you can start to look at and start to measure so you keep yourself motivated no matter the situation .


1. Grab a book and take it with you to the gym write down the names of the exercises and how much weight and reps you did and the date of that workout .So you can always aim for more and more reps or weight every session because if you’re getting stronger your preserving your muscle tone and building on it.
2. If your taking your mobile phone with you there are loads of free applications that you can download that will make it easier to track that normally have rest timers that will play overtop of your music to tell you when to stop and when to start .My favourite is lifting log on android phones no idea if they have it for apple
3. Heart rate monitor get a watch and a strap no matter the cost a 50 euro watch could save your life in some cases .Start putting it on during your cardio and set a certain pace to maintain and then check your average heart rate during the workout .Write down the speed you set the type of machine you used and the date you completed it on. Next time aim for a improvement or even a month later faster speed same heart rate
4. Photos for yourself you see your body every single day of your life you will be the last one to notice changes in it .So take a photo at the start of your journey or even if your mid way through.
5. Body testing machines there are lots of different machines to test different things going on with your body from bf% muscle and allot of other things also. Something to keep in mind is accuracy in your first year of training as a male half a kilo to a kilo gram is the highest possible for a female 0.2 – 0.5kg a month.
6. Flexibility check out some different flexibility tests from touching your toes to doing a yoga class .
7. Clothing if things are getting lose awesome work keep on pushing through
8. Are your workouts getting easier than before use a scale of rate of perceived effort on a 1-10 how hard was that workout write the date down and what you did
9. Exercise tests how many push ups and squats could you do on day 1 compared to today?
10. Physical activity levels get a steps watch and find out how many you will normally do on a average day ?Is it easier to hit your 10 000 steps can you aim for more ?

Start finding out if you are really getting results from your current actions you have taken for your body by keeping yourself accountable and tracking it .If you have a personal trainer only tacking one way of you getting results it might be time for a new one .