Barcelona and health

Now so far its 2 and a half weeks that i have spent travelling around Barcelona and the one thing that you can clearly notice is the number of overweight or obese individuals is significantly less then allot of other countries. For a person that does care about their health they could find it quite interesting taking a trip to Barcelona .Healthy looking but at what cost is another question what is causing this to happen diet ? exercise? or?

First thing that you can clearly see being here that well through my eyes at least there are not a lot of gyms around the area compared to other larger cities like in Australia or America .But there are a lot of running groups and bike paths along the side of every road. You alot notice all of these bike rental shops and bcn bike rental a large chain of bike pit stops the bikes sit there u use mobile data on your phones to unlock the bike. Also there are options on most of the attractions that you go to in Barcelona to take a active or not so active option for example the montjuic castle on the hill at the shipping port of Barcelona has a cable car to it or a clearly marked walking path to the castle. Also even though i have a membership to snap fitness a worldwide 24hour chain of gyms i never really saw a large group of people using the gym .The largest group was on playa de la barceloneta there is an outdoor body weight gym there right on the beach for people to use .

So even though there is gyms located in a through Barcelona they are not as clearly marked and visible as gyms in other major cities around the world .Barcelona has created plenty of other options for people to get fit and stay fit in the city. Then the food the classic Mediterranean that alot of people talk about well well first the big option you see everywhere for a euro or a euro fifty .Is a coffee and a croissant second is a paella then tapas. You see instantly that the portions of food are a lot smaller than most countries to start with tapas is small portioned food with a toothpick through it for u to pick it up with most meals you will get 3-5 of them with a drink .Paella is the second interesting thing you see most menus will list this as for 2 people or 3 people on the menu as something to share alot of places still offer 1 person portions alot but most common listing is shared. Now you have the coffee and croissant very cheap and caffeine can suppress the hunger for a period of time also even though the croissant is defiantly a higher calorie option you notice some people that would be their whole breakfast.

So really personally i don’t notice much of the Mediterranean type diet going on here in Barcelona with the city being surrounded by the beach you clearly notice the tanned look of alot of the locals young and old living in Barcelona. This to me at least contributes to the why the locals of Barcelona have a healthier look compared to alot of other counties. But from staying here so far for two and a half weeks here are a few things to remember when coming to Barcelona when thinking about food and exercise.

  1. Near the city centre la rambla is really were you want to stay sure the cost of accommodation in higher near the city .But this is big if you don’t adjust to the heat so well Barcelona is very hot and very humid alot of the time this will cause some people to spend alot less time moving .
  2. Get up early if you like to work out outside 6 am just before sunrise Barcelona like most of Europe has very long days with the sun set after 10pm .Get up early mid day heat can make it a real challenge to train with the weather being like that
  3. Gym membership from home snap fitness for example has 4 locations in Barcelona at 40 euros a month that’s a great deal compared to any daily or weekly pass in Barcelona .Ranging from 10 euros a day to 30 euros a week pass have a membership at home that can be used here in Barcelona .
  4. Relax remember the food in Barcelona is amazing allow yourself to be relaxed if you here for a few weeks that does not mean gain 2 kg. The more you see on your trip by foot the better it is to find local hidden food places that you might miss driving through the city . Explore by foot and get amerced in the culture of Barcelona

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